Acupuncture treatment

Traditional five element acupuncture is a system of medicine originating from China. When we talk about disease in traditional acupuncture we mean any form of ‘dis-ease’ – whether this is manifesting in the body, mind or spirit of the person.fertility treatment migraines dizzy 

This system offers a holistic approach, not only to achieving the absence of symptoms, but one that focuses on improving all aspects of well being: physical, mental and emotional. Although patients may initially come to acupuncture for help with a specific problem, they will usually find it achieving far more than they initially expected. jjjjback pain migraine f fertility

Acupuncture clinic in Painswick (nr Stroud)

Kate Tenney - Twelve Rivers Traditional AcupuntureTwelve Rivers provides a professional and friendly acupuncture service in the village of Painswick – near Stroud. Free consultations are available if you would like to drop in to discuss how acupuncture can help buy tadalafil you.

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