50 ways to love your liver: dandelion coffee (and other drinks)

One of the best natural remedies for the liver is dandelion – both the leaves and the root. Its benefits are too wide ranging to list here, but weight loss and constipation are two of the more commonly cited. Dandelion coffee is dried and you can buy it in the form of Dandelion Coffee from a health food shop. It is nothing like real coffee although I suppose they share a bitter taste…I find it has a slight hint of chocolate flavour, but I can’t guarantee everyone will think that! 

I had a packet of it in my cupboard for about six months before I finally got round to buying a cheap coffee grinder so that I could actually make a drink with it. I kept thinking about all that it entailed and deciding it wasn’t something that could find its way into my lifestyle. How wrong I was! It has become an after dinner ritual this month – although I did nearly ruin a pan the other night when I forgot about it, so putting a timer on is recommended.

I grind up enough for three or four cups and store in a tupperware pot. I put 1-2 tsp in a pan with a couple of mugs of water and bring to simmer, then I just leave it on very low for half an hour and strain through a tea seive. I serve mine with rice milk but it can be taken plain or with other milk/milk substitutes.

If you are struggling to find replacements for tea and coffee because you’ve given up caffeine some other ideas are:

  • Green Tea (decaffeinated is available in some outlets) is a powerful antioxidant
  • Carrot Juice is full of vitamin A and Beta Carotene which are beneficial to the liver (add aloe vera juice for a powerful liver juice – or if you are constpitated)
  • Lemongrass tea or fennel tea aid digestion
  • Nettle tea is a powerful blood cleanser – its a bit early for fresh nettles but come the spring get picking!

It might take time to get used to these drinks but just think about how you are benefiting your system!

Happy drinking


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