50 ways to love your liver: how to eat (part I)

Before you even go down the road of adjusting your diet I think it’s really important to look at how you eat. The liver plays a central role in digestion and there are many things you can do to ease the digestive processes and boost the quality of the blood that is produced in your system.

Here are three top tips that you can put into action right now. If you want to also look at what to eat stay tuned for more 50 ways blogs…


You may find Nigella Lawson completely over the top, but she does have something right in that food should be a sensual experience. In Chinese medicine the stomach channel starts at the eye, before travelling around the nose and mouth, down the neck and into the stomach itself. Too often we eat without even looking at our food (eating a sandwich whilst driving for example). If we eat things out of a packet we don’t really smell the food either. If we eat processed food this reduces our ability to taste healthy things like vegetables properly – and then we just crave salty, sugary things instead. If we don’t engage the senses we are bypassing important aspects of the digestive system.


All stress (even good stress) is seen as stress by the body and when it is in flight or fight mode digestion will be compromised. My colleagues at Pure Body Balance say that you wouldn’t stop to pick and eat an apple if you were running away from danger. So true! If the body is in flight or fight mode the digestion suddenly gets less attention. If you have a stressful job or a stressful life just spend a few minutes relaxing before you eat. This can be as simple as just sitting quietly for 2 minutes and taking a few deep breaths.


We digest at all levels – mentally we digest information and physically we digest our food. If you are working or reading whilst eating you are digesting at the mental level and this will take energy away from the physical act of digestion. Try to give time specifically to eating – just like you give time to filling your car up at the petrol station.

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