Have we evolved to cope with Christmas?

Dear all,

I know I wasn’t alone this morning when I woke up and assumed I was awake in the middle of the night.

In the grand scheme of human life on earth it really was only 5 minutes ago that we didn’t have access to electricity – and therefore would have lived as nature intended – in tune with the seasons. Like every other living thing in the winter months, we would have bedded down and preserved our resources.

It is ironic really that the darkest two weeks of the year are now probably our busiest. A few hundred years ago we wouldn’t have been able to run around like headless chickens, shopping, wrapping and baking well into the evening hours. Although we may well have gathered together to keep warm we can’t possibly have evolved sufficiently since then to cope with all that is required these days in order to come together and share the festive season.

So, as we enter the midwinter fortnight please pay some thought to your needs…and in amongst the craziness just find some time – any time – to be still and relax. Do some yoga, meditate, watch a naff Christmas movie or stare at a wall, it really doesn’t matter. Just do something to balance all that activity!

Happy Christmas everyone 🙂

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