Help me to help a worthwhile charity this Christmas

Please help me help MoxAfrica – a wonderful charity doing some fantastic work with TB in Africa – using moxibustion (that stuff everybody loves the smell of!). Read about it here:-

If you can spare a little bit of time to help me improve my word of mouse, I can ensure continued business in 2013 and therefore I can happily spare some money for a worthy cause!

I’ll pay 50p to MoxAfrica if you ‘Like’ my facebook page at:

I’ll pay another £1.00 to MoxAfrica if you leave a recommendation on my facebook page (url above)

I’ll pay 50p to MoxAfrica if you comment on my blog at

I’ll pay £1.50 to MoxAfrica if you leave a google review via your Gmail account. Go here and scroll down to ‘Write a Review’ :

I will update you all in mid January

Many thanks everyone!



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