Three ways to keep warm this winter

Brrrrr…they weren’t wrong when they predicted a chilly one.

If you are feeling the cold, have poor circulation, are pregnant or trying for a baby – or just want to look after yourself this winter, here are three things you can do:

1. Wear a Haramaki
They have been used for hundreds of years in Japan to protect the vital organs – particularly the kidneys – from the cold. Warming the core helps to reduce period pain, improve digestion and enhance the circulation.  The kidneys give us energy and support fertility and pregnancy.

You can fashion one out of a scarf or strapless top but I think the best product on the market is the Kokoro Haramaki ( They are very slim – so invisible beneath your clothes, excellent quality soft cotton and keep their shape well. You can buy them online or FROM THIS WEEK from me direct – for a reduced price. Please let me know if you want to order one.

Top tip: These are particularly good if you are wearing a nice outfit over Christmas and want to be warm but not look bulky

2. Warm the Kidneys twice a day

A good Qi Gong exercise involves making two fists, popping them behind your back and rubbing the thumb/index finger end in a circular motion over the kidneys. This can be done through clothes and can be as fast as is comfortable. Do this every morning and evening in the wintertime.

3. Take your lunch hot!

We get so bombarded with the idea that salad is good for us but this isn’t necessarily true in the winter! Make warming soups, stews or warm rice salads your priority over the winter season. Use warming spices such as cumin, cinnamon and star anise. There are some great wide plastic flasks available that keep any meal warm. Just fill it with boiling water first and empty before putting your freshly cooked meal in. It will stay warm for a few hours.

Happy Wintertime everyone!



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