‘I’ve been feeling so much better, much brighter and more optimistic. Thank you so much for all your help, I really appreciate your support.’ Laura, Kingham

‘Just to say I feel the best I’ve felt in months this morning so thank-you so much’  Juliette, Haresfield

‘I came to see you at your Stow clinic a few weeks ago  at 41weeks pregnant in the hope of bringing on labour. I just wanted to let you know that I calmly and slowly went into labour that night.  Over the course of the next day things speeded up gradually and by 9pm I went into the Maternity Unit in Chippy and gave birth to a healthy little girl. I do believe that the session with you got things started and that it helped me progress naturally and without any medical intervention. MANY MANY THANKS!’ Kat, Oxfordshire

‘I feel like a different person. I have my confidence back, I’m far more positive about life as a whole and I feel like I can take on challenges that 6 months ago I would have run away from! The treatment has helped more than I imagined and Kate was just wonderful. I couldn’t recommend a better and more devoted accupuncturist and a better treatment. Thankyou Kate! Andy, Cheltenham

When I met Kate I was at my wits end with niggling health challenges that did not want to go away. The results I have received from Kate’s treatments have been staggering. Kate is an exceptional practitioner – kind, caring and very patient. Her passion and enthusiasm shine through in every aspect of her treatments. I truly feel the old me, the fun me, the happy me has returned…thank you Kate, I am deeply grateful. Karen, Cheltenham

‘After a difficult childbirth Kate has helped me get myself back to normal and to get over the trauma of it all. The acupuncture sessions also really help with the terrible tiredness you get from having a young baby and I walk out the door feeling ready to cope again.’ JS, Chipping Campden

‘Since starting acupuncture for difficulty in walking and pain in the legs and lower back the relief has helped enormously. Having regular treatment gives continuous effect. I would recommend acupuncture to everyone’
‘Rejuvenated’, Stow-on-the-Wold

‘My acupuncture treatment for mental illness worked from the beginning. Kate is a delight and not once did I feel uncomfortable or a trouble to her -she is so dedicated to your well being. Truly professional – thank you.
MB, Chipping Norton

You have been a fairy godmother to me and I certainly will come to you for any further support in the future Karen, Painswick

I came to see Kate after losing a baby at 14 weeks to Edward’s Syndrome. I was struggling emotionally to deal with the grief and knew I would not get pregnant again until I had dealt with it. Kate was wonderful. She spent the time listening to me, to understand what I wanted to achieve through acupuncture. From the first session I felt like a dark cloud had lifted…my partner noticed the difference in me straight away. I had another 4 sessions with Kate, each time feeling emotionally stronger and more like my normal self and able to cope with life better. After the fifth session I found out I was pregnant and Kate then tailored my treatment to help with anxiety and morning sickness. I continued to see Kate throughout my pregnancy. It assisted me with pelvic pain, tiredness and swelling. Eventually I gave birth to a gorgeous daughter. If and when we have more children I will definitely have acupuncture throughout the pregnancy. CM, Cheltenham

My scapula area greatly improved after your treatment. Thank you! KM, Cheltenham